Visible Damage

Always check your freight for damage before signing the delivery receipt.  If you find visible damage, follow these steps to ensure your best chance of a successful claim resolution.

  • When accepting damaged merchandise, place a written notation on the delivery receipt
  • Make a list of the following:
    • Specific item(s) damaged
    • The extent of the damage and the value of the damaged item(s)
    • The extent of damage to the container
  • Be specific in your notes - i.e. top left corer, crushed and torn, bottom right side dented, wet, etc.
  • Do not accept freight that is damaged beyond repair or is unusable. Note on the delivery receipt "Damaged Refused" and describe the items and number of pieces being refused.
  • Photograph damaged merchandise over $200

You will need the following information in order to file for a visible damage claim:

  1. Copy of original invoice
  2. Copy of signed delivery receipt
  3. Copy of inspection report (This is not required if damage is noted on delivery receipt and the value of the shipment is less than $250)
  4. Should you accept damaged freight "AS IS", indicate dollar amount your company is willing to accept for damaged item(s)
  5. Repaired Merchandise - If merchandise has been repaired, include the actual invoice or repair estimate. If repair is to be done in house by your workers, include internally generated invoice detailing parts used and labor involved to repair damaged merchandise
  6. Replacing merchandise - If merchandise has been replaced, include a copy of the replacement invoice and the replacement freight bill

If you have any questions about what to do in the event of visible damage, or if you have any questions about the claim submission process, email