Concealed Damage

If a shipment is delivered with no visible damage, but damage is discovered at a later time, it is considered "Concealed Damage".  In order to ensure the best chance of a successful claim resolution, take the following steps:

  • Once damage is discovered, leave packaging intact and notify the carrier immediately
    • You must notify the carrier by phone within 24 hours of delivery and in writing within 15 days
  • Request that an inspection be made as soon as possible if the value exceeds $200
  • Do not attempt to alter contents or packaging until the inspection is complete or the claim is settled
  • Record the date and name of the person you contacted on the freight bill. If an inspection has been waived by the carrier, file a claim immediately.
  • Photograph the damages during the carrier inspection or only after inspection has been waived

You will need the following information in order to file for a concealed damage claim:

  1. Copy of original invoice
  2. Copy of signed delivery receipt
  3. Copy of inspection report (This is not required if damage is noted on delivery receipt and the value of the shipment is less than $250)
  4. Should you accept damaged freight "AS IS", indicate dollar amount your company is willing to accept for damaged item(s)
  5. Repaired Merchandise - If merchandise has been repaired, include the actual invoice or repair estimate. If repair is to be done in house by your workers, include internally generated invoice detailing parts used and labor involved to repair damaged merchandise
  6. Replacing merchandise - If merchandise has been replaced, include a copy of the replacement invoice and the replacement freight bill

If you have any questions about what to do in the event of concealed damage, or if you have any questions about the claim submission process, email